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Customized Communication
Solutions For Educational Institutions

Kutztown Publishing capabilities match well with the unique requirements of educational Institutions. We provide printing, mailing and fulfillment services to several Universities, Colleges, and Prep Schools. We understand the needs of these organizations.

Solutions that fit, and work!

We can customize a package of products and services that meet your requirements and help you meet your objectives.

Kutztown’s KPC DIGITAL - ON LINE, web portal ordering and order tracking system has significant cost savings and ease of use benefits for Educational Organizations. Click on KPC DIGITAL - ON LINE for more information on this state of the art print and duplication processing system.

Complete, Single Source Service

We can provide the whole package:


Variable Data Insertion
On Line Processing
Copy Writing
Special Scanning
    & List Manipulation

Return Media
Course Catalogs
Sports Programs
Alumni Publications
Student Recruitment
Donor Appeals
Specialty Magazines
Specialty Books




For Universities, Colleges and Prep Schools, KPC:

         • Manages multiple mailing lists
         • Prints recruiting brochures and pamphlets.
         • Prints forms, tests, catalogs
         • Prints Alumni Magazines
         • Prints Donor Appeal Materials
         • Prints Sports Event Programs
         • Prints reply envelopes
         • Prints cover letters
         • Inserts documents
         • Mails
         • Receives hard copy, telephone and electronic orders.
         • Picks orders for documents
         • Packages documents ordered
         • Mails/ships orders
         • Provides activity reports to client
         • Provides warehousing & manages inventory
         • Provides inventory reports to client



Quality Counts At KPC

We are committed to the highest standards of quality in the products we produce and in our relationships with customers. Quality Controls are an integral part of our operating procedures. We pay attention to the details that ensure that our materials and services meet specifications and reflect a positive image of our customers.





"Kutztown’s on line duplication and printing system is a case of outsourcing that works”

-V P Finance, Major University

“In an age where enduring partnerships are increasingly a rarity, The Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia has enjoyed a long association with Kutztown. Kutztown Publishing today offers the seminary consistent quality and value in the production of the seminary’s two main publications. I cannot imagine at this stage any interruptions in this steadfast partnership.”

-Mark, Editor